Key Holding & Rapid Respond

The Paramount  Security key holding service can not only eliminate the inconvenience of false alarm activations, but also assist you in exercising your Duty of Care to your employees by removing the physical risk they may face as the result of a genuine activation.
In accordance with BS7984 requirements, Paramount Guard will act as your primary key holder and respond to alarm activations on your behalf. In the event of your alarm being activated, our 24 hour Control Centre will liaise with your Alarm Receiving Centre, verify the cause of the activation and if necessary, liaise with the police, alarm companies and repair contractors on your behalf, to re-secure your premises as quickly as possible.

Locks and unlocks
There may also be occasions where you require building access by employees, contractors or other visitors outside of normal hours. Paramount  Security will look after your keys and provide lock and unlock services for your premises. Furthermore we can provide access support to tradesmen in emergencies relating to facilities such as water or electricity.
Alarm Response and Key Holding together form what is perhaps one of the most valuable Site Security services provided by Paramount  Security Services Ltd.

Clients who use the Alarm Response and Key Holding services are not only taking good care of their premises and their contents but exercising their duty of care towards the employees under Health and Safety legislation
When an alarm is activated at your premises late at night or at the weekend, think:

* If you attend yourself how would you cope with intruders who may offer violence?
* If one of your employees attends how would they cope?
* Have you or they had appropriate training for this?
* Is it reasonable to ask staff to turn out in such situations?
* Is this a duty written into their contracts?
* Would you or they be covered by insurance in case of accident or assault?
* Can you fully comply with all Health and Safety requirements in respect of lone workers in these circumstances?

Have an alarm system installed that is linked to an alarm receiving centre and take advantage of Paramount  Guards Services Ltd™s Alarm Response and Key Holding services. That way:

* Our Alarm Response Unit will attend within 20 minutes of receiving the call from the receiving centre.
* The alarm response unit consists of highly trained Security Officers. Each Security Officer holds the SIA Licence, and every Security  Officer and Security Guard has been thoroughly vetted.
* Security Guard Alarm Response and Key Holding services are standing by 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
* After every call out the client gets a report from the Security Guard on the reason for the activation.
* Use our Key Holding services and your keys are kept in a secure facility under Security Guard control using a tagging system to avoid any link between keys and premises
* Key Holding Service Security Guards lock up your premises at the end of the day at a time to suit and look after the alarm status. In the morning the Key Holding Service will attend and open up at whatever time is required. No more staying late just to lock up or coming in early to let the cleaners in!

Paramount Guard Services provides wide range of security services throughout UK. When it comes to protecting premises, Paramount Guard officers are at the top of their class.